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Looking for the ultimate in vaping luxury? We now have the original Joyetech eVic Supreme for sale at the special price of just £89.99

In stunning brushed silver this has a very high quality look and feel. Variable voltage from 3 volts up to 6 volts, fully customizable with tons of settings including MVR (My Vapour Record) which allows you to connect the unit to your PC and track all kinds of statistics.

If you are looking into getting into mods this is very close to the top of the tree.


Looking to upgrade but don’t want it to cost the earth? Then why not take a look at our Innokin iTaste VV v3.0.

A top quality kit, variable voltage, 5 iClear 16clearomizers and everything you need to get going (minus e-liquid) for just £35.99

More info and pics at the link below:


We are also selling the 1100mAh Joyetech eCom.

The eCom is an improvement over the very popular eGo-C that was very popular in 2012 and 2013. This comes with variable voltage from 3.2 volts up to 4.8 volts. Full details can be found at the link below:


While the eGo-C is out of fashion at the moment that is not the case with the EVOD.

We sell a lot of these dual EVOD kits that come with 2 batteries, 2 EVODS, 7 wicks (5 loose and 2 in the EVODS), 10ml bottle and charger, all in a very nice quality box for just £25.99

Available in brushed silver, black and red.


Have you tried an Aspire yet?

We have had these in stock for a couple of months now and they are slowly getting a nice following.

These are dual-coil and made of glass (with a metal cover to protect the glass.)

Comes with an atomizer already included so fill her up and away you go!

Available in several colours including brushed silver, black, blue, red and pink.



We usually send any order of £20 or more by recorded delivery but we have had some people ask us just to send it regular 1st class. We are willing to do this but at the buyers risk, if you would like it sent regular 1st class then please make a note in the comments area when you check out instructing us to do this. If it is too high a value order (over £50) we will insist on 1st class recorded delivery though. Also please remember that you can get it sent to your place of work too or even a friends address if it’s more convenient, just add the address in the SHIP TO area upon checking out.


We are slowly starting to bring in some of our more popular tobacco flavours in 6mg strength.

Within the next few weeks we will have the following arriving:
Amber Leaf (Golden Tree) 6mg
Gold & Silver (B&H) 6mg
Rainbow (Silver Pack, L&B) 6mg

If you would like another tobacco in 6mg PLEASE TELL US and we will add it to our next Hangsen order. :-)

We will slowly be introducing more in 6mg like USA Mix, Ancient (Old Holborn), 555 and Cuban Cigar, among others. Our ultimate aim is to have all of the tobacco’s in 6mg but due to us having over 20 tobacco flavours this will take some time but it will happen!

If you like the service that we provide please feel free to leave us a review at FreeIndex.

We always try our very best for our customers and would appreciate it if you could let people know what we are like. Thanks!



Please be aware that we are currently doing some staff training and the website will be closed from 9am until 4pm on weekdays.

The best time to order is in the evening on a weekday or at any time over the weekend.

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If you only do one thing today, do this.

Your right to vape is under threat, if you are a vaper then please take a moment to sign this petition:



For more details on why your own personal right to use your e-cigarette as you currently are doing being under threat from ill-informed people with conflicting interests please see the following links:

ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association.)

The Counterfactual (Clive Bates’ Blog.)

E-Cigarette Research.

www.totaleliquid.co.uk supports Smoke Without Fire (#SWOF.)

We are living in a very crazy world where peoples freedom of choice is under attack all the time from idiots. This time it is the dreadful E.U and their revised TPD:


We could find ourselves in a position whereby millions of people who have managed to stop smoking regular cigarettes thanks to e-cigarettes being forced back onto regular cigarettes.

This is of course utter madness but this is the kind of craziness that we vapers are up against, and unlike the regular smokers that simply rolled over in 2007 when the smoking ban came into force vapers are not going to be taking this nonsense lying down.

Many vapers have been contacting their MP’s, M.E.P’s and just about anyone else who will listen to voice their concern, one of them is Andy Sutton, an avid vaper and multimedia expert who has taken the bull by the horns and launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £10,000 to make a professional looking documentary to find the truth about e-cigarettes.


Andy’s Kickstarter campaign has exceeded all expectations and has currently (as of 24th May 2013) almost doubled it’s original target of £10,000 to just short of £20,000.

This is fantastic news and among the 183 backers www.totaleliquid.co.uk has pledged a donation.

These are potentially dangerous times we are living in where some people are given the power to vote on this TPD with a lot of them not even fully understanding exactly how electronic cigarettes work down to mis-information and/or sheer ignorance.

Thanks to Kickstarter and people like Andy we may still have a fighting chance.

EU ENVI E-cigarette workshop. May 7th, 2013

Some progress being made with some of the MEP’s actually taking the time to fully research electronic cigarettes, and accept true feedback from genuine users to give them a much clearer picture.

And progress is being made thanks to the dedication of e-cig users who do not want to be forced back onto traditional cigarettes due to poor mis-information and lack of understanding about these devices. Good to see.


The Vapourmists review four e-liquids from www.totaleliquid.co.uk

Andy and Julie from The Vapourmists have taken some time out to review 4 e-liquids from the Dekang range at www.totaleliquid.co.uk.

With their own unique style of reviewing they take a look at Dekang Gold Label Western Conqueror, Dekang Silver Label Watermelon, Dekang Gold Label Vanilla Sky and Dekang Silver Label Butterscotch.

Please take a look at the review below and also they can be found on Youtube HERE and on Twitter HERE.

www.totaleliquid.co.uk would like to thank Andy and Julie for taking the time to do this review.


Facebook auction, over £150 worth of e-cigarette gear up for grabs!!

www.totaleliquid.co.uk are currently running a Facebook auction with over £150 worth of gear up for grabs. :-)

That includes all kinds of electronic cigarette equipment including starter kitsblister packs, a Mini eGoCE4′sCE5′sDekang and Hangsen e-liquid and batteries.

The auction can be found on their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TotalEliquidcouk

Auction bids are in £2 increments and the auction finishes 10pm on Thursday 31st January 2013, UK time.

Auction is open to everyone in the UK and EU only.

It is well worth liking them on Facebook as there will be other auctions, competitions and giveaways throughout 2013. :-D


Gareth Witty reviews Dekang Gold and Silver label e-liquids!

Gareth Witty from www.garethwitty.co.uk is back again for a review of three e-liquids that we sent to him.

Gareth reviews two of the Dekang Silver Label e-liquid range, they are Butterscotch and RY4.

He also reviews a Dekang Gold Label e-liquid flavour Story Of Lip.

As usual Gareth delivers his own honest appraisal of the three e-liquids, see below for the Youtube review!

www.totaleliquid.co.uk would like to thank Gareth Witty again taking time out to do this review.

Please be sure to check out his website at www.garethwitty.co.uk for more reviews, thoughts and podcasts from the man himself. :-)

Gareth Witty from The VapeDog1666 blog reviews www.totaleliquid.co.uk

Seasoned vapour and excellent Youtube reviewer Gareth Witty, the owner of The VapeDog1666 blog has taken the time to do a very nice review of some recent purchases that he made from www.totaleliquid.co.uk, a UK based e-liquid, e-cigarette and accessories website with some of the most reasonable prices known to man.

Gareth reviews four e-liquids, they are Hangsen HS STORM, Hangsen Mint Candy, Dekang RY4 and Hangsen Licorice. He also reviews a rebuildable CE5 clearomizer.

Gareth also gives a very honest appraisal of the website including what he likes about the website, along with other things that Gareth feels will make the website more appealing to consumers, all delivered in a very nice reviewing style.

Gareth is also known in vaping forum circles (like the excellent Planet Of The Vapes Forum) as Gdog1666, we wish him all the best for the future and hope that he may be able to do us another review in the future, a thoroughly nice gentleman. :-)

Here is the video review and Gareth’s Youtube channel is called Gareth Witty.